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Improving Government

While a flourishing business community and a competitive workforce drive our economy, the government sets the conditions for success. We work with leaders in business and government to create the certainty needed for businesses to hire, invest, and grow. It’s through sustained growth that people, communities, and our society will advance and thrive.

The Chamber at Work

Trade Keeps Delivering for America 

The administration should scrap the trade bashing and reaffirm proven principles to create growth and opportunity.

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Feature story

The U.S. Chamber sent a memo to members on new polling data that illustrates voters are supportive of pro-growth policies and pro-business candidates.

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Feature story

Here are a few issues candidates should be talking about over the coming months to strengthen America’s economy and global leadership.

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The U.S. Chamber advocates for policies that foster business growth and innovation. Recognizing that meaningful, long-lasting policy requires buy-in from both sides of the aisle, we collaborate with lawmakers to advance bipartisan solutions. We also work across the three branches of government to enact smart regulation, a competitive tax code, a rational legal environment, a robust trade agenda, and investment in the future.

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