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When businesses can find and retain the right people to innovate, compete, and grow—and when people have the skills and opportunities to put their talent to work—there’s no limit to what we can all achieve.

Top Takeaways from the U.S. Chamber’s 2023 State of American Business Address

This year’s State of American Business speech sets out an 'Agenda for American Strength': an aspirational and forward-looking plan to set up the country and its business community for long-term success.

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Data Deep Dive: Upskilling and Reskilling Our Workforce

Data center

To fill open jobs needed today—and in the years to come—employers can double down on reskilling and upskilling their current workforce to remain globally competitive.

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Supporting and Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

Benefits of Hiring Individuals with Disabilities and Neurodivergence

Despite ADA protections, federal tax incentives, and private sector opportunity programs, millions of individuals with disabilities looking for work remain unemployed.

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Our Work

The U.S. Chamber believes we must quickly address a double-dose of workforce challenges. There are too many people without jobs and too many jobs without people. We are working to build a modern, adaptive workforce to meet the needs of today and to compete for the future. Through the America Works initiative, advocacy for effective education and training policy, the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s successful employer-led programs, and support for public-private partnerships, we create pathways for people and businesses alike to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential.

America Works Initiative

Helping your company and our country solve our workforce challenges.

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Expanding Opportunities for the Workforce of Tomorrow

Chamber OnDemand

Employers must adapt and government can pass commonsense immigration reform. Businesses and government can get workers off the sidelines by working together.

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion13th Annual International Women’s Day ForumMonday, March 06 - Tuesday, March 0708:00 AM EST - 06:00 PM EST

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